Biological Information
Afiliation Dragon Confederation High Council
Rank Elemental Hierarch (Darkness) 
Relatives Cynder III, Mary, Wufguar (indirectly via Ophelia, daughter of Cynder)

"but, you know this as well as i do that the foreigner should not be held responsible for her ignorance of us, as we were ingnorent of her society untill very recently" -Zarasha's first words regarding Xinxala after her arrival in the Great Dragon Temple.

Zarasha is one of the two female Elemental Hierachs in the High Council (the other being the ice Hierarch Delila). She is said to be both virtually and genetically similar to Cynder III, with the only difference being that she has six horns of her head, while Cynder only has 4. Zarasha Is Prideful of her similarities to the Royal Family, And takes advantage of this connection by living in the Palace, instead of the Great Dragon Temple, as her fellow councilors do. Like Cynder III she is black with a magenta underbelly, green eyes, and a blade structure at the end of her tail.

The Koozer-Ga War restartsEdit

Zarasha is the one that suggested Cynder III attempt to educate the foreign panther-lady Xinxala by showing her around the historical sites scattered across the country, Cynder's hurry to leave Warfang probably saved her life, as the Koozer-Ga attacked soon after this, and overran the city, killing her parents. Zarasha barely escaped the city as it was rapidly overran, and retreated to Cynthia, where the enemy would have to launch a proper siege to get to her. After the Fall of the City, Zarasha fled to a starship with her fellow councilors.

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