Biological Information

Faction Nanatalean Empire
Species Classifacation Humanoid Panther (Homo Felis)
Rank Emporess

Xinxala is the sovereign ruler of the Nanatalean Empire. She is a tall, humanoid panther, usually clothed in a golden yellow robe, emblazoned with the Japanese Characters for "Her Majesty, the Empress". She has thick black fur, and a long, bushy tail ending in alternating black and white rings.

book contextEdit

Xinxala is introduced originally as a queen, similar to the monarchy of the Cydonian Dynasty; however, this is later changed as the chapter goes on, to identify her as an Empress. She is later taken from Nanatala to Warfang aboard Ascendent Zealot by Cynder III and Amelia, to meet the Dragon Confederation High Council at Warfang's ancient Great Dragon Temple. She will eventually become a primary figure in locating the hidden pieces of The Mantle.

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