the writing systems employed by the native inhabitants of this world are as numerous as the nations that occupy the planet's surface.

Atlowa tribe Edit

the atlowa, a race of bipedal Llamas from tall plains, is based off the the civilization of the maya and subsequently use that system. their glyphs feature dots (forsaking the mayan number system).

Atlantian Edit

the atlantians' glyphs are not clearly defined; they have no defined alphabet.

cheetah people Edit

the cheetah people, though also lacking a defined alphabet, are known to use hyroglyphs.

dragon civilization Edit

the dragons, preadatory as they are, use the so-called 'alphabet of the arcane arts', an extension of ritualistic spells used long before the dragon civil war.

others Edit

other races are believed to possess other writting systems, but most are taken from present-day writting systems, most notably chinese and sanskrit.

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