"This is an evil place, Spiril; on the Night of Eternal Darkness, the Dark Master may be freed from his prison within the mountain"-Fira warning spiril about the well of souls

The Well of Souls, known to Dragons as the Mountain of Malefor, is a large mountain located on the border between the Dragon Confederation and Avalar. Beneath the mountain lie the ancient Catacombs.

Geology and internal structuresEdit

The mountain, like nearly all of the Dragon Homeworld, was constructed by the Precursor Civilization. Originally a conical structure, during Malefor's rebellion against the High Council, the ancient Precursor-constructed foundations cracked, creating a series of spires all over the unstable mountain. the mountain is littered with many caves and chambers, including a temple. Malefor and his forces constructed a fortress here during his ultimately unsuccessful campaign.

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