Warclaw is the capital city of the Cheetah people, whose kingdom is centered on Avalar. the city's plan is a rough circle, the walled edge of which forms the lower part of the city, and a small mountain, which comprises the upper part of the city.


the City of Warclaw is the capital of the Cheetah Kingdom of Avalar; and as such, it is the seat of government for the Cheetah Tribe, who are governed by a council family; the Councilors are genetically related and the titles are passed along hereditary lines, from parent to off-spring and so on.the head of of the ruling family maintains a potion similar to a monarch.

city planning and defensesEdit

The city's plan and defenses are built on a similar scale to Warfang, though the former is larger and is home to roughly the same amount of people in lower densities.

Outer defenseEdit

The city is built on a vast mountain overlooking the main valley and the river that runs through it. It is surrounded by 60 feet thick walls punctuated by high towers. The walls are built of Basalt and marble.

Inner Defensive wallsEdit

the inner walls of the city frame a vast mesa above the city. though lacking the noticeable defensive towers of the outer wall, it's carved nature means that it is almost entirely of crystal.

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