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General Information
Realm Type Paradise realm/heaven

Known inhabitants

  • Cynder as an elder
  • Fira
Afiliation Anceteral spirits;The Creator

Notable appeances:

The Legend of Cynder: Rise of the Dragon Cult

Volingarde is the paradise realm where the souls of the dead are believed to dwell. It is a massive landmass floating in an endless sea of crystal clear waters, surrounded by numerous small islands with white sandy beaches. The Realm is accessible by two means: eiter by death, if one believes in The Creator, or by a portal concealed in a series of Proto-Atlantean ruins, in which Neyla was buried.This portal was the subject of several investigations, which led to the discovery that Neyla had become the guardian of the Hall of Valor, the principal structure in the realm. She tested those seeking entry in the Hall of Valor by either a sword fight,or by remembering their cause of Death; anyone who could do neither of these would be eaten by her and thus denied an afterlife. Tera and Xinxala both entered Volingarde through the portal in search of The Mantle, which they needed to defeat the Koozer-Ga parasite. While Cynder was observed to have this suit of armor in it's entirety, only one piece was buried with her. The Creator eventually all0wed Neyla to leave Volingarde, re-inhabit her body, and persist as a living entity as long as the war raged.