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the Valley of Avalar is a sub-section of the avon valley, and contains a sub-delta of the avon river system it is the homeland of the Cheetah people.


The valley is a vast, fertile river valley surrounded on all sides by the Atlas Mountains; These mountains separate it from the Enchanted Forest on the east, the Burned lands on the west, the Homeland of the Atlowa to the south, and Rayvair, the state of the Dragon Confederation capital city of Warfang to the north. 3 rivers run through the valley from sources in the surrounding mountains. Passes and tunnels through the mountains give access to the surrounding areas, one cave leading into the center of a district in Warfang itself.


The Valley and it's immediate surroundings are the home of the Cheetah Tribe. numerous cities, towns, and villages dot the valley, many near rivers; others on top of mountains and hills, affording greater security.


The original tribal village, later built over by Athens.

the city of Athens, the main cultural center in the valley, was, at one time, a tribal village of about 500 people. Over time, a town was built nearby, and then a platform built over the whole complex, and the city built on it. The city consists of Stone buildings, many of Marble and tile, with plots for agriculture built on top. Spiril and Cynder are bought here upon their capture, awaiting the governing council to decide their fate. She is confident that if they were to have killed her, the Dragon Confederation High Council would glass the city. She and her guards return to the city on several occasions, once being thrown at the city as a result of entering an interplanetary portal constructed by the Precursor Civilization; other times, aboard one of her space ships.


the city of Warclaw is the principal city of the Cheetahs and the capital of Avalar. The Country is governed from a citadel similar to Warfang's, with a palace and great temple. it was built entirely of stone, with similar architecture in the buildings to that of Warfang. the City, being built on a mountain, is heavily fortified, with a lower and upper city, and a citadel overlooking the whole complex. at the peak of the mountain is a military spaceship launch facility.


Starting just 15 miles from Warfang, the Avon River cascades over a steep escarpment and flows though the valley, largely an area of low-lying plains and minor rock formations. Towards the mountains on either side, caves and passes lead to other nearby regions, like Tall Plains to the south, the Enchanted Forest to the east, a desert wasteland to the west, and in the north-eastern corner, a tunnel leads into the interior of Warfang. These rivers, flowing either from their sources deep in the Atlas Mountains near Cynthia, or from sources nearby, make the valley and surrounding regions very fertile.