Upper city

The upper part of the city, showing part of the massive Fortress.

The "upper city" is the rich nerchant district of the city of warfang. this part of the city is built on slope and is heavily fortifyied. Many of the largest buildings and towers are located in this part of the city, which is subdivided by walls eminating from the Fortress of Warfang, a massive citidel rising even above the buildings here. the walls connect to smaller forts within the city, and then to the Lower district's defensive walls. Many of the towers can be seen from as far away as 20 miles from a high vantage point, and are anywhere from 20 to 40 stories high, with their broader 'bases' (the small, square, five-story stuctures the towers are built on) elaboratly carved with images evoking either past victories during the Four Dragon Civil Wars, or dragons themselves.
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