Unyielding Defiance is a vast orbital defense station affiliated to the Dragon Confederation Navy. Suspended in a geocentric orbit around Viria, the station is a major setting ti The Legend of Cynder: Rise of the Dragon Cult. The station consists of two distinct, 5-floor levels linked by a central structure containing elevators, small hangars, medical and research facilities. Each 5-level ring contains living quarters, recreation facilities, research labs, armories, vast hangars, medical facilities, reactors, hygienic facilities, and automatic farms. the bottom of the central shaft contains a massive hangar, while the top contains the station's command center. The station s maned by sentient tigers and the Cheetah Tribe. In the story, Cynder III and Xinxala were ordered to go aboard this station so the Koozer-Ga could not attack them. It is from this station that Cynder III was told that she would sieze total control of the D.C.I.M.F.

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