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Major divergence points in normal HistoryEdit

Unless otherwise stated here, in the highlighted dates, the history of the Legend universe is virtually identical to Earth's history. There are a few major divergence points that occur within the Legend universe worth mentioning however.


The German Confederation's government-a replacement for the ancient Holy Roman Empire (which was a failed attempt to resurrect the failed Roman Empire)- was the Precursor to the modern European country of Germany, is overthrown in 1842. the country is renamed Tyrus. however, Tyrus still fails to prevent the 2 world wars.

the United StatesEdit

though the country succeeds in it's war of independence, it is instead renamed the United Republic

Spanish Conquest of MexicoEdit

though Cortez does still land, the Aztec Empororr realizes the threat he poses to the Aztec Empire, and does not welcome him into his Capital City and instead attempts to fight him. Though still failing due to the huge technological advantage possessed by the Spanish, he is able to hide several cities from him and his forces, allowing him to resurrect the Aztecs as a civilization. Seemingly as an act of revenge, Europe's ports are then ravaged by diseases.



The Tyrans create the the Precursor Civilization, which soon manages to rival their creators, causing a war between them.

Dragons and various other feline species evolve on an isolated planet in the Altair star system.

4 Million B.CEdit

Humans are encountered by the Precursors on Earth.

Unknown dateEdit

Shield 04 is constructed by the the Precursors.

100,300 B.C.Edit

remnants of a Tyran ship outside the Galaxy launch several spore-filled jars which land on isolated planets, to be later discovered and experimented on by the Precursors.

The first war against the Koozer-Ga.

100.000 B.C.Edit

The Rings are constructed and sent from The Ark to locations throughout the Galaxy.

Final Battle against the Koozer-Ga by Monitor Rova 343 aboard Fleetrunner, which later crashes on a Shield-World.

The Rings are activated, causing the Great Vanishing.


60,000 B.C.Edit

rise of the Proto-Atlantean Civilization, who build cities around Precursor relics.

45,000 B.C.Edit

The Proto-Atlantean Civilization mysteriously collapses, and devolves into the Nidapiya Tribe.


The Atlantians begins experimenting with atomic weaponry.

Primitive tribal societies emerge among the humans of Earth.

20,000 B.C.Edit

The Atlantean Confederation is formed after the Atlantian civilization develops Interstellar space travel.

The Cheetah Tribe emerges to occupy the Valley of Avalar and form a kingdom there.

various Dragon-controlled City-States emerge in the coastal plains and mountains of the main continent, and the territories of Rayvair, Natala, Cydonia, and Patala consolidate an intense political and military rivalry with one another.

10,000 B.C.Edit

End of the Ice Age on Earth allows the existing tribal societies on Earth to expand.

Material EraEdit

5,000 B.C.Edit

Several major civilizations emerge in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East.

0 B.C.Edit

Teleac is at it's peak of power and prosperity.

5 A.D.Edit

The Dragon Temple is constructed by the government of Rayvair.

200 A.D.Edit

Malefor is born. after coming of age, he rebels against the High Council, and is subsequently defeated and imprisoned.

500 A.D.Edit

Following the collapse of the Eastern Roman Empire, Europe enters the Dark Ages.

I,000 A.D.Edit

It's government severely weakened by a series of unexplainable natural disasters, the City-State of Teleac evacuates the ruined parts of the city and appears to collapse.


The historic voyage of Christopher Columbus.


Cortes invades the Aztec Empire, destroying their civilization, and causing the remaining Mayan City-States to decline. soon afterwords, mysterious Syphilis epidemics break out in major European port cities.


the city of Warfang is founded on a mountain near the coast of the area claimed by Rayvair


The United Republic is formed from the American colonies of England following their victory in the Revolutionary war.


The government of the German Confederation is overthrown and the country united and renamed Tyrus.


Teno-Tena is discovered in Mexico.

Cinder secretly founds a dragon colony near Teleac.


An expedition discovers Teleac.


The nations of earth unite to form the Coalition of Civilized Goverments.


Humanity develops interplanetary space travel.


Cinder reveals her colony during the Kryll wars, helping to accelerate Humanity's technological development. As a result, a colony ship is sent to her homeworld, upon which she returns.

Interstellar eraEdit


Malfor attempts to take over the Dragon Temple from Rayvair, resulting in war between Warfang and Natala.

Silver and Cinder arrive aboard a Coalition Colony ship.


Fed up with Malfor, Cynder leads an attack on Natala, killing and eating Malfor on the Battlefield.


Malefor attempts to invade Earth, but is repelled by the Coalition with help from the Atlantean Confederation.


During a zombie apocalypse on the Coalition colony world of Novo Terra, Haven City is glassed.


The Dragon Confederation is formed.


an ape cult corrupt Cynder, beginning the 3rd Dragon Civil War, threatening to destroy the Dragon Confederation.


Intervening on the side of the Dragon Confederation, Neyla helps defeat Malefor.


During an expedition into the lands of the Nidapiya Tribe, Neyla releases the Koozer-Ga from a Precursor research facility.

the first and second Battle for New Atlantis.

the Battle for Patala.

Warfang is besieged.

the Battle for Warclaw.

Cynder leads a final counter attack against the Koozer-Ga, and manages to defeat them.


Neyla, now 106, dies at her home in New Atlantis.


Spiril dies in the Palace at Warfang, and is buried in the Catacombs.


Cynder dies aboard Holy Reconciliation, and is buried in the Catacombs.

Both the Ivory Tower, and the nearby Obsidian Tower, are sealed off, and isolated from the Palace complex by the High Council out of respect for Spiril and Cynder.

Cynder II founds the Cydonian Dynasty.


Cynder III is born.


the outer buildings on Cynder's ancient palace, the Obsidian Tower, show signs of structural weakness.

late 3057Edit

Part of the Obsidian Tower collapses during Cynder III's coronation as the heiress of the Cydonian Dynasty. As a result, efforts to repair the structures begin.


Contact is made with the Nanatalean Empire, led by Xinxala.

The Koozer-Ga assault and take over the cities of Warfang, Natala, and Icy Canyon, reigniting the Koozer-Ga War.

the Battle for Cynthia ends in a Pyrrhic victory for the Koozer-Ga, who are all but defeated and leave the city in ruins.

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