Following thier escape from the structurely unstable catacombs, Hunter, Cynder, and Spiril head toward the village of the cheetah-people, who are much revered by government officials in Warfang. they are held captive untill grublins attack the village. after helping the villagers to cope with being attacked, hunter leads the dragons to warfang in an effort to meet up with fira, but unknown to them, the city is under attack.when Hunter races to the city gates, a fireball strikes a domed tower, causing it to collape and block the street. this sets a nearby apartment building ablaze. after putting out some of the fires, Cynder and spiril race to the ramparts to help defend them. after a large part of the enemy forces are defeated, a golem of the deep walks through the belt of fire and bores under the walls that sorround the lower city. Cynder and Spiril are forced to battle the golem at the elite apartments, which are severly damaged during the attack. after the death of the golem, the remaining enemy forces retreat, allowing the high council members to enter the outer city. when they do, a hologram of Malefor's head appears, warning the High council of his plans to scorth the surface of the planet following the destroyer's completion of the ring of annilalation.

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