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one of The Rings, a Precursor superweapon

"to ensure that they would be the last victims, they constructed a weapon of terrifying power. It was called 'The Rings', an array of weapons scattered accross the gallaxy"-Qutar

The Rings are a Presursor superweapon that when activated are capable of destroying all sentient life in the Milky Way galaxy. they were used by the Precursors during their war against the Koozer-Ga.

contruction and appearenceEdit

the rings themselves are a large world made entirely of Unobtainium. they are large rings of metal whose inner surface has been terraformed and can sopport life on their own. they have many different biomes,from deasert to tundra to jungle. the surface is littered with Precusor relics of varying sizes, and some go two, three, four, and even five levels under the terraformed surface. the rings, also refered to as 'installations' also have a network of tunnels that honeycomb the superstructure.

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