Into the shield world by elementj21-d51runl

one of the Shield-world's entry pylons.

The Relic is a pylon constructed by the Precursor Civilization to allow access to the interior of the Shield-world.


The Pylon relic was build at the height of the Precursor's war against the Koozer-Ga, as part of their effort to preserve sentient beings from the effect of The Rings. after the rings were activated, it remained abandoned, and was subsequently built over by the early Atlantians.

Atlantean occupationEdit

The Atlantean civilization sought to understand Precursor Technology, and so built their main city on top of it. These people used their knowledge to help advance their society's technological understanding, soon becoming a powerful empire.

Fall of the Porto-Atlantean empireEdit

after 75,000 years, the Porto-Atlantean empire began to decline. after it's interplanetary colonies rebelled and gained independence, the empire splintered into several warring factions, and by the year 1678, their civilization was all but destroyed.

The NidapiyaEdit

soon after it's abandonment, a tribe grew up within the ruins, relying on per-industrial technology, the tribe became notoriously hostile to outsiders, and refused to allow access to the ruins and the Precursor relics hidden within.

Neyla's EmpireEdit

meanwhile, a new civilization-the survivors of the Precursor's war, were building a country based on their vast understanding of Precursor technology. this country, the Atlantean Confederation quickly became a space-faring power, colonizing and terraforming the most habitable moons of the planet. As the society advanced, they began to negotiate with the violently hostile Nidapiya Tribe to allow them to explore the ruins.

Cynder and the Koozer-Ga warEdit

soon after a brutal civil war devastated the nearby Dragon Confederation, the ruins would be explored more fully, leading eventually to the Precursor Shield-World underneath and the war against the Koozer-Ga.

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