Culture Dragon Confederation ; Cheetah Tribe
Belief System monotheism/proto Christian
Worship Centers
Realm Volingarde

The Creator is the primary deity of both the Dragon Confederation and the neighboring Cheetah Tribe. the god is depicted as either a dragon-deity by the Priests of the deity in his worship centers within the Dragon Confederation, or as a female cheetah in their worship centers-the Cheetah's beliefs are significantly different from those of the dragon race. Both civilizations believe the deity dwells in the paradise afterlife realm of Volingarde. The deity is recognized by both cultures as the universal creator of their civilization, similar to our beliefs about our own God.

Dragon Confederation unique beliefsEdit

The Dragons themselves are fervent in their beliefs about the Creator and believe they can contact him through prayer and communion. Many churches, shrines, and temples of various sizes are located in and around their major population centers and in the surrounding countryside. A large, elaborately decorated one was even found within Cynder's palace, the Obsidian Tower. Though barely mentioned in earlier texts, The Creator is refereed to several times by characters in The Legend of Cynder: the Precursor Legacy. Since the dominant belief among the Dragons themselves state that the Creator is also a dragon, he is said to have every ability known, and others yet to be documented.

Cheetah Tribe unique beliefsEdit

The Cheetah Tribe are the original believers of the Creator and the propagators of the religion itself. The Dragons' own beliefs are modified from the beliefs of the Cheetahs. To them, the Creator is a female cheetah, who, like the dragons' deity, dwells in Volingarde. small shrines exist in their villages, and large cathedrals exist in their cities. They renounced their early ancestor worship religion very long ago, and after embracing the monotheistic belief system, transferred this belief when they joined the Dragon Confederation.

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