Biological Information
Species dragon Affiliation Dragon Confederation High Council
Rank Elemental Hierarch

Terrador is one of the four elemental Hierachs of the High Council. His main element is Earth.


Initially, Terrador had no city-state to govern like the other future councilors. It seems that he either isolated himself on purpose, or was deposed from his throne by war and exiled. He is a large, green dragon with a tan underbelly. He has a club-like structure at the end of his tail.


Initially, he is found in an ancient underground structure built by the Proto-Atlantian civilization, and brought back to Warfang. He is last Elder to reach the city before it is Besieged for the first time. His presence also makes the city secure enough to where Cynder, then very young, feels it is safe enough to reveal herself, though she reveals noticeable fear when the city is besieged for the first time. She is urged to hide by Terrador, though she disobeys him and tries to fight on the city's walls anyway.

The Legend of Cynder: The Precursor LegacyEdit

Terador is featured as one of the leaders of the High Council, and him, Fira, Cyrill, and Volt are elemental hierarchs presiding over the other councilors as judges of last appeal, and make the final decision on everything the other Councilors do affecting the city.

Dragon Civil WarEdit

Terrador attempts to help defend Warfang while it lay under siege from Malefor; in this regard, he is successful until the Golem of the Deep bores into the city under it's defensive walls. as he attacks the creature while it is climbing one of Warfang's tall apartment buildings, he is burned in a fire, which incapacitates him. Later, he helps devise a plan to stop the Destroyer, though it is Fira who is responsible for carrying out his plan. after the Avon Dam is targeted for destruction by Cynder, he helps to distract the destroyer long enough to allow the dam to be destroyed, before directing her and Spiril to attack the creature. When it is revealed that the creature was only temporarily disabled, He leads an evacuation effort to move all the planet's population to the Underground City, a massive complex of caves and buildings near Warfang.

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