Tera is a female counciler in the Cheetah kingdom of Avalar. Daughter of Chief Prawlus, and the sister of Hunter, she is well-respected by her people,as well as Cynder, and those affiliated with her. She is fearful of the threat posed by the Koozer-Ga, and strives to protect her people.

habits and appearancesEdit

Tera is similar to Neyla in her habits and physical appearance;unlike Neyla, Tera prefers to play with her prey rather then immediately eat it. She calls this "9 rounds", and believes that those condemned by the state as traitors must prove their worth to continue living. Playing off her ancestors' ancient tribal traditions, she forces the condemned to fight her, and unless they can defeat her, she will eat them.

The Legend of Cynder: The Precursor LegacyEdit

Tera's first and only appearance is in the arena of Warfang, where she watches Spiril and Cynder fight each other, untill she prepares to eat him. After this is halted by Ophelia, She accompanies Cynder aboard the Dragon Confederation battle cruiser Pious Purity as it heads for Warclaw, and then to some unidentified Precursor ruins. Her ships later join Cynder's and Neyla's in a final battle to reclaim the Precursor Shield-World found under the lands of the Nidapiya Tribe.

The Legend of Cynder: Rise of the Dragon CultEdit

Tera is revealed to be a pseudo-vampire, outliving the main characters of the series, including Spiril and Cynder. after losing those she loved to old age, she pursued a pious life, eventually finding herself in Warfang's palace, where she oversaw the Chapel of the Creator; when the Koozer-Ga overran Warfang, she escaped to Avalar, and proceeded to lead that country's defense, though she later accompanied Cynder III after the evacuation to Amani. Her attempts to dissuade the dragoness from using Liara's time machine to go back in time to when her Ancestor  was corrupted by Malefor led to her imprisonment by Liara after she attacked the former, with Cynder III being largely indifferent to the cheetah after her imprisonment. It is assumed she is left in Thessia when Cynder III used Liara's portal to access the Realm of Convexity.

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