Warfang siege

Temple mountain, as it appears from Warfang during a siege of the city.

'and among the mountains, there lie one that rose above them all, this one was sacred; and so a temple was to be built there"-2155 describing Temple Mountain.

Temple Mountain is the central volcano of the Burned lands; directly above it are floating islands, upon which is built the Dragon Temple and it's associated fortifications.

2052 seriesEdit

not much information is given on the mountain, and by the time of the arrival of the Coalition of Civilized Governments, a vast temple complex already existed there.


the mountain at this time was administered by the state of Rayvair, and many city-states fought for control of the mountain and the temple complex built at it's peak. the entire mountain and it's surroundings switched hands between a religious faction called the Dag and the city of Warfang.

The Legend of Cynder SeriesEdit

the mountain changes between being both normal and volcanic, and continued to be volcanic by the end on the last novel. By the time of the events in The Legend of Cynder: Rise of the Dragon Cult, the area had recovered, though only the Dragon Temple's main tower and immediate standing buildings were fully restored. the rest, scattered over the area, were left over grown.

"You see, despite her ancestor's machinations, the mountain remains volcanic and violently unstable"- Vulcan to Neyla regarding Temple Mountain.

After learning that Cynder III had forced an interdimensional breach of the Realm of Convexity, and severely injured herself, Neyla was sent to find and revive her;  Neyla barely succeeds in doing this but only because her soul had failed to access Volingarde. When the dragoness realizes how close she came to dying, she vows to take vengeance upon the Tyrans, no matter what the cost is to her. The Rift dumps her at the summit of the volcanic mountain, where the Dragon Temple had been rebuilt by her ancestors.

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