The Precursors graded sentient societies, including their own, by a scale denoting advances in technology.

Tier 1: Pre-industrialEdit

In this stage, a society is at it's most primative; though by the end of this age, natural and herbal science is at its peak. the Classical civilizations are also classified in this catagory. All civilizations are placed at this level after the Reseeding.

The Nidapiya Tribe are at this level.

the Atlowa are at this level, but will soon industrialize.

Prehistoric man, classical greece and rome, and Midieval Europe are all considered to be at this level.

the dragon confederation was at this level.

Tier 2: Industrial ageEdit

After the beginning of mass preduction, most societies industialize. this age is characterized by a major shift a labor from rural areas to the cities. This period is also characterized by wholesale abuse of the environment.

At this level:

Mankind after the idustrial revolution.

Tier 3: Atomic ageEdit

Societies at this are extremely unstable. As societies began to experiment with the atom, they inadvertently unleash the possibility of wholesale destruction of their society. Many societies fail or are destroyed at this stage.

WW2 is the beginning of this stage for mankind.

The Forerruners, a remnant of the Precursor Civilization, is destroyed at this stage.

Tier 4: Space ageEdit

At this stage, most societies begin their exploration of space. Computer technology also enters it's infacy.

21st century humanity remains in this stage untill 2020.

the Coalition of Civilized Governments is formed at this stage.

Tier 5: Space-faring ageEdit

Spaceships and interplanetary colonialzation are now economically fesable. computer technology continues it's advance. Atomic fusion is now an integral power system.

the Atlantians are at this stage.

the Coalition of Civilized Governments are at this stage by the 29th century.

the Dragon Confederation is also at this stage.

Tier 6: World BuilderEdit

Societies at this stage have aquired the ability to create AI with full sentience, understsnd how to #REDIRECT Create Artafical worlds, and are masters of plasma. Space is no longer of any consequence.

The Precursors were at this stage at the time of the Great Vanishing.

Tier 7: Trans-sentienceEdit

the Precursors did not know of any civilization more advanced then them.

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