" the one you seek has been found by the Tan'hi'iheyuolo, the star-spiral clan" -Neytiri, in New Atlantis.

the Tan'hi'iheyuolo ( Star-Spiral Clan) is a large Na'vi tribe living on the Plains of Galioth, a small group of large floating islands held in place by the magnetic field of Pandora, which is constantly fighting against the gravatational pull of Polyphemus, the planet around which it orbits. the islands themselves are a jungle environment, where many dangerous creatures and plants live. the village is built on wooden platforms, with a network of chambers and tunnels carved into the cliffs surrounding it. Precursor relics litter the northern island. the tribe apparently worship Cynder.

locations Edit

Valhala village

Precursor Temple to the Moon

the Camp

Temple Towers

Precursor Catacombs (Pandora)

Sentinel Towers

Characters Edit

there are numerous characters present among the tribe.



Cynder (Mature form only)


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