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sita in the pools of the main building of akor wat

Sita is a young female Bangal tiger who lives in india. she lives among the ruins of an overgrown buddist temple complex. she prefers to shun contact with all crestures except those of her own kind. she is a vicios predator and she will fight if her survival deepends on it. this temple is known to the people of India as akor wat, and is a foremost symbol of that country. sita is a vicious maneater, whoae mother was killed in a vicious animal genocide during which the temple was used as a fort.

She has developed a habit of sucking the life-force of those she eats in order to prolong her own life.

Sita's youth[]

"my mother tried as hard as she could despite their illicit advance into the park, but soon nothing was left.."-Sita

Sita was born to a mysterious female (to which she gives no name) in the ruined Akor Wat Temple Complex. the park she lived in was invaded by trophy hunters, who killed every animal in the park, forcing her to prey on people to survive, a habit to which she became attached.

The Legend of Cynder:Dragon War Trilogy[]

Sita's appearence near the end of the story prompted her to reveal her treasure: a time portal to Athens. She communicated with Cynder through an Atlantian communication device during her adventures in the city.

TLOC:The Precursor Legacy[]

Sita appears several times in the story, mostly accompanying Cynder. She is later sent to New Atlantis, where she appears in a later chapter. She also acompanies Neyla aboard Cynder's capital ship, Holy Reconciliation.she is returned to her temple at the end of the story. During the time she is with Neyla, she is reported to have been used as a death sentence, and Criminals were fed to her.