Siege warfare is the process of taking a city or fortress by force. it involves several tactics, including spreading diseases, betryal, storming, starviving the inhabitants (or at least trying), actullt breaching the walls or ramparts or, in the case of the dragon homeworld, intense use of magic. siege warfare employs these tactics, as well as numorous siege engines, or war machines. the most notable of these are battering rams and siege towers, but malefor makes great use of elemental golems. throughout it's history, the dragon homeworld and the earth cities they deal with have experinced many episodes of siege warfare, many of of which were caused either by hatred or malace.

the siege of the dark tower, during the dragon civil war

first siege of warfang the first time the city is attacked by malfor. this is when the one known to the dragons as "silver" will arrive.

second siege of warfang the first time the ciy is attacked malefor.

third siege of warfang the city is attacked again, this time, malefor uses the golem of the deep as a war machine intended to weaken the defenses of the lower city.

siege of teleac malefor attacks the city and breaches it's outer fortifacations.

siege of cocopatal complex the kryll attempt to take control of cocopatal complex- an atlantian city and a dragon nesting ground.

siege of caten complex the cocg take the ancient city from the kryll.

assult on the isle of temples malefor attempts a naval assult on teleac's most preserved colony.

siege of atlantis malefor attempts to comedeer an atlantian city-platform controled by cynder

siege of the great dragon temple the illuminati attempt to gain access to the high council's meeting chambers.

siege of athens minos, a persian war god, attempts to destroy the ancient city of athens.

Forth siege of warfang after the siege of athens, malefor nearly takes the dragon confederation's capital city.

siege of utral aymaticaya- human kind attept to destroy the most sacred site of the Na'vi.

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