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Holy Reconciliation enters the interior of the Shield-World

Introduction and rediscovery[]

Shield 04, also known as the Interior World, and simply the Shield-World is an artificial planet constructed inside the Dragon Homeworld to protect the native creatures there from the effects of The Rings. It was built prior to the first Koozer-Ga War inside the planet's core, unbeknownst to the native population, and later used to protect the planet's inhabitants when the Precursors activated The Rings. After the indigenous population emerged from the interior of the shield world to found their unique civilizations, the shield-world's purpose and the location of it's entry tunnels was gradually forgotten.

the Proto-Atlantean Civilization[]

The Proto, or greceo-atlantean civilization seem to have retained at least some memory of their contact with the Precursors and appear to worship them as gods. many of their temples are constructed either around or over major Precursor relics. when the Proto-Atlantean civilization collapsed, most of this knowledge is largely forgotten when they are superseded by the pre-industrial Nidapiya Tribe.

2835 expedition/Koozer-Ga war[]

The Koozer-Ga attack Neyla in her facility.

following the end of the civil war within the Dragon Confederation, Cynder enlisted the aid of Neyla, a hierarch of the Atlantian Grand Council to bargain with the Nidapiya to allow them to conduct excavations within their tribal lands. Soon after, an entry pylon, leading to an entry tunnel was found. after emerging through it, they found themselves within the artificial construct which had simulated day/night cycles powered by an artificial star within the planet's core. as they settled down to begin excavation, the Koozer-Ga attacked. after a hasty evacuation, the Koozer-Ga rapidly spred through out the shield-world and eventually to the surface, initiating an interstellar war in and around the planet and it's major cities. they are eventually defeated at a great cost of ships and personnel.