Sheegwa is the unadknowleged daughter of Neyla. she is apparently the leader of the imperial House of the tigers, a replacement for the imperial court of the Ming dynasty of China. she is a persian cat with the markings of a siamese cat. She is, however, vurnable to being corrupted, as she practices dark magic-the same magic that fuels Cynder's elements, but unlike the dragoness, Sheegwa is capable of containing her dark powers, using them only to defend herself, and because there is no reformation to worry about, she cannot be completely corrupted. because of this, even when she manifests her dark powers, she is not completely evil, and this is due mainly because of her seemingly arduous role as a chinese empororr. she is not an emporress as she claims, but merely the most favored pet of the new chinese emporor, pi'yaun.

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