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"I did not have the good fortune of my mother, Cinder. she could hide from the reformation in her Temple; now with her gone, the location died with her; as only she knew where it was" -Cynder

the entrence to the Shadow temple complex

The Shadow Temple Complex, often times referred to as "the black shrine", "Black Altar", or simply "The Temple", was Cinder's lair from 2052 until her death mid-year in 2845. Cinder did not reveal the location of the temple to anyone, not even to the rest of the High Council; therefor, the location of the complex is said to have died with her.

the interior of the Shadow Temple Complex


the Temple, a vast underground structure, is rumored to be located somewhere in the foothills of the Atlas mountains; though such a location would place the entry way in Atlantian territory. this would contradictory earlier dialogue, which places the temple on the islands west of the main continent, and therefor out of Atlantian hands.


Temple architecture is defined in it's entirety by high, round domes and stained-glass windows. long halls lead to numerous rooms carved into the sides of the mountain, with the hook-spiral-s glyph pattern being prominent on the support beams.

the ceiling of a chamber in the shadow temple complex.