Shadow of Prosperity
Manufactuer unidentified AI Systems; possibly Precursor
Affiliation Atlantean Confederation
Notable events Battle for New Atlantis

Atlantian Grand Council

Crew 160,000
Weaponernry Point defense turrets, drone weapons

Shadow of Prosperity is a large City-Ship belonging to the Atlantean Confederation Navy. It is controlled directly by the Atlantian Grand Council, led by an increasingly desperate Neyla.

First attack on New AtlantisEdit

During the first Koozer-Ga attack on the Dragon Confederation Capital Ship Holy Reconciliation, Neyla mentions a Launch facility in the Northern part of New Atlantis, whose purpose, according to her, was to build the vast City-Ships that were the hall Mark of Atlantean Naval power. She mentions that Various AI systems were responsible for the construction of those ships, But she is unable to identify them-most likely, they are Precursor Sentinels controlled by Rova 343 that were co-opted by the Council.

Enemy EngagementEdit

As Holy Reconciliation's support vessels confronted an attack by an Unidentified Atlantean assault carrier, Neyla also mentions Dwager Nirrti, who is on the council governing the Atlantean home-world. Soon after, this, the Koozer-Ga Attack Patala.

The ArkEdit

Soon after the confrontation with the Koozer-Ga Gravemind, Atlantean forces meet significant Dragon Confederation Naval forces over The Ark-a vast, artificial planet built long ago by the Precursor Civilization. the city-ship was controlled by Ki'aal, and atlantean naval forces were concentrated around it.

Second battle of New AtlantisEdit

Duing the second Battle for New Atlantis, the city-ship is formally revealled by Neyla to all surrounding forces-both allies and enemies. Whiles the Coalition ship Heart of Atlas boarded the city-ship, Cynder left in a fighter to dock with the ship. After the Battle, the fate of the ship is unknown, though it was probably commanded by the remaining councilors while Neyla went to assist Cynder in a final effort to end the war decisively-the Battle of the Shield-World.

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