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Shadow, ever aware of those around her, looks at the mountains that sorround her

"Shadow, an overgrown female Panther stalks him"-The Legend of Cynder: the Precursor Legacy

Shadow is a minor character in The Legend of Cynder:the Precursor Legacy. Not much infomation is given about her background, though cynder reveals that she lives in the 'Black Citadel', a castle left to her care.


Shadow is a very large black Panther, her only distinguishing feature, other then her size, are her large green eyes. She does not appear untill after Cynder escapes the New Haveen Research Center, where coalition scientists had experimented on and inseminated her. Shadow had obviously been exposed to hard radiation from a Precursor artifact (thus accounting for her size). She is a maneater, and can swallow a person whole. she tries to eat LT. General Paralyzer, but Cynder intervenes and prevents her from eating him. She appears briefly in a failed hunting sequence where she would have eaten LT. General Paralyzer had she not been interrupted. she is later mentioned to have been picked up by Neytiri and taken aboard Holy Reconciliation, where she would join Sita in the ancient ruins of the Akor Wat Temple Complex.

Shadow at Akor Wat.