Tiger lady-warrior 1
species classifacation (Binomial Nominclature) Homo Panthera Tigris
Galactic Orgin M13 Starcluster
Technology Tier early Tier 6

Atlantean Confederation

Dragon Confederation

In the context of the Legend Universe, the Sentient Tigers are a race of advanced, bipedal, sapient felines hailing from the M13 Star cluster, a region of about 50,000 Population-II stars located just within the halo region of the Milky Way galaxy. They are a militaristic society, who place honor above all else, and view other races as being slightly below them-but not inferior. They lord over over a thousand inter-connected worlds protected by the military of the Atlantean Confederation.

Evolutionary OriginEdit

Initially, The Tiger race was subject to the same evolutionary pressures that advanced Humans on their evolutionary path. Splitting from their common ancestor 4.5 million years ago, they continued along the evolutionary lines of the Falidae family, which includes every known race of wild cat, before diverging from this about 2.3 million years ago to achieve Sapience.

Physical AppearenceEdit

The Tiger Race itself are as unique individually as the human race, sporting a verity of fur color, marking patterns, marking coloration, and eye color, though in this race the dominating color is green or blue, with other colors like brown making up recessive genetic traits regarding eye coloring. Their average height is 6 feet, making them taller then most humans. They possess flexible tails, and, in a further divergence from humans, have a third Ball-and-Socket joint in their feet, allowing then to comfortably walk as well on both two feet and all fours. The Thick, colorful fur that covers their bodies shields them from cold climates, and as a result, they can build in arctic areas their human peers would not be able to survive. They possess thicker hair on their heads, and this is subject to independent coloration from the body fur. Physiologically similar to humans in terms of their body plan and organ placement, They share similarities in terms of ecological vulnerabilities to disease; the main difference is that they possess long, sometimes bushy tails, and an unmistakably feline appearance; Unlike modern humans, they feel there is no shame in displaying their body, and some wear nothing at all in public, since their fur hide the genital regions from fellow onlookers, and their tail can hide the other, while still providing balance to the individual.

Society and TechnologyEdit

The Tiger Race independently reached the same apex Tier 4 humanity reached about 2 centuries earlier. By the time Humans first began massive space colonization, the Tigers were already a highly organized interstellar civilization. After contacting the Atlanteans, The Tigers merged with them, allowing the Atlantean Home-World, Lantea, to become their center of politics.

Known MembersEdit

Neyla key member of the Atlantian Grand Council during the first Koozer-Ga War

Lady Nirrti, member of the Home Council on Lantea

Amelia, First Officer on Cynder III's flagship, Ascendant Zealot before and during the second Koozer-Ga War

Sasha a member of the Dragon Confederation Honor Guard during the First Battle of Warfang.

Makayla : governess of New Atlantis  during the second Koozer-Ga war; descendant of Neyla. 

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