Race Sentient Tigers (Homo Panthera Tigris)

Dragon Confederation Honor Guard

  • Warfang Temple Guards

"My name is Sasha. If anyone survived the attack, they will find this"-Sasha's DCIMF Military-issued War journal

Sasha is a sentient tiger attached to the Dragon Confederation Honor Guard, specifically to the units in charge of defending Warfang's Great Dragon Temple. She, and many of her fellow Honor Guards, along with several thousand civilians, barricaded themselves in Warfang's ancient market district when the Koozer-Ga overran the Palace. She states that the section of the city she is in is protected by Shield Pylons that prevent the Koozer-Ga from entering the city and that they "Explode upon contact with the shields". She also states that after the human soldiers of the Coalition of Civilized Goverments attacked her, that she no longer trusts any human, and that she "swears that she will eat any human that tries to force entry" into her apartment. Her appearence is not yet mentioned in the text of The Legend of Cynder: Rise of the Dragon Cult, so the only source indicating these thing is her journal, set before, during, and after the failed Battle for Cynthia. Later, she indicates that she and her fellow personnel, both military and civilian, are forced to eat military rations to survive, as the gardens planted atop the buildings in the Market district cannot support them any longer without destroying the soil in which they were planted. the soil in which they were grown. While at first She does'nt indicate anything to be amiss, she makes it abundantly clear that these do not really sustain her as what she normally eats would have, and indicates that she wants to eat the Coalition soldiers that betrayed her city. Later, it is revealed that the Shield Pylons are failing as their fuel for the Antimatter reactor cores runs out. Before the Koozer-Ga can overwhelm the now heavily divided Coalition and Honor Guard Forces, Reinforcemnts Push the Parasite out of the cityCynder III returns, and order is restored. Sasha makes it clear, however, that even tough the battle is over planet-side, the war itself continues, and "an Unknown Enemy is attacking our orbital defenses" adding that she does'nt know who they are or why they would attack the planet.

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