"...and that a Precursor AI, calling itself Rova 343, has infiltrated her ship's computers..."-The Legend of Cynder: The Precursor Legacy, chapter 31

Rova 343 is a sentient artificial intelligence created by the Precursor Civilization to monitor a 'Shield World' built under the Lantean city of the Ancesters.


Rova 343 is introduced when he infiltrates Holy Reconciliation's navagational computers. He introduces himself as a Precursor AI construct, and politely refers to Cynder as a 'Reclaimer', stating in his dialouge with her that her society is chosen to reclaim the Precursor relics scattered throughout the galaxy.

Koozer-Ga AttackEdit

"are there other civilizations here?

Yes, but they do not make very good reclaimers." -Cynder and Rova 343

also during his dialouge with Cynder, he triggers a short flashback, in which she recalls Qutar's speech to her reguarding the end of the Precursor civilization. it is after this that she tries to warn the two leaders who had joined her about the Koozer-Ga, and arrives at Neyla's Atlantian outpost just in time to save her. she leads an evacuation effort as the Koozer-Ga overrun the shield world. She is then given backup as the Koozer-Ga assault New Atlantis.

The ArkEdit

The Monitor followed Cynder to The Ark, a vast artificial planet built on the edge of the Milky Way Galaxy. He helped shut down the barrier towers that were blocking access to the Citadel-a vast building housing computer systems capable of activating all The Rings at once. After this, it is revealed that the facility is building another such installation.


"because of you, I lost my installation; I shall not lose this one!"-Rova 343

As soldiers under order from the Coalition of Civilized Goverments prepared to active the unfinished Ring installation, Rove 343 went rampant, killing the soldiers and severely injuring Cynder. He is killed by Sentinels, which were under the control of The Ark's own monitor AI.

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