an unstable, dark alternente dimension inhabited by flying, jelly-fish-like creatures, it is accessed via the dark portal though mostly empty space aparently just within the atnosphere of the dragon homeworld, there are many small, astroid-like platforms held in place by the energy that was keeping malefor inprisoned via a seal made by the high council's powerful elemental magic. during the dragon civil war, when cynder is corrupted by malefor, she gathers the elemental power of the high council into four crystal-like orbs before escaping though a minature dark portal near the top of her dark fortress-tower lair, where she is persued by a warrior faction of those she considered her enemies. they defeat her in battle, only to end up having to save her in the end, as following her defeat, malefor's control over her ends, but the magical barrier holding malefor inprisoned begins to collapse and the force-field's collapse causes the relam of convexity to inplode.

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