2052 Wiki

red crystals are literly a two-edged sword- they can be used for good or evil. there are varient crystals documented throughout the dragon world. more details about them are listed below;

red crystal-natual state the state of the red crystals as they are found in nature- they can be used to heal sick or injured dragons ( they only work on dragons ) or they can be converted into evil red crystals.

red crystal-evil version they are used by the dark forces under malefor/malfor two make the red necklaces much dreaded by cynder. they can also be used to steal magic.

gren crystal-power up and retore mana these crystals can counter the effect of the evil red crystals. they can restore mana stolen by the evil versions of the red crystals. they can also be used to gain mana.

blue crystal-power up elemental these are rare and there are only 600 crystals of this type on the dragon world. they can be used to make elemental magic stronger.

purple crystal-fury elemental these are the most numerous on the planet. they make the dragons' fury magic stronger.

dark/black crystals-power distroyerand golem of the deep these are the embodyments of malefor's dark magic. they are used to power the golemof the deep and the distroyer. all are distroyed by dragon kind, these attacks against evil are led by silver and cynder, but are triggered by malefor's determination to take and distroy the city of warfang.