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'''Replicators''' a race of machines made from nanites, they copy their creators, the technilogically advanced Atlantians.

wraith a race of hominoids that suck the life-force of other humunoids for norishment.

kryll a race of predatory, bird-like creatures that are extreamly photosensitive and eat any creature that wanders into the dark alive.

Dragons the domenant sentiment life form on their homeworld, they have their own civilization, which maintains a roman-like level of technology untill contact with humans, after which, they replicateAtlantian technology.

atlowa tribe a civilization resembling the classic maya civilization. they have also constructed an Acropolis similar to the one costructed by the classical maya at the long-abandoned maya city-state of copan

Atlantians a tehnilocically advanced civilization on planet x

NAV'I the native inhabitants of the interior world, they are blue, bipedal panters who wield technology more advanced then the atlantians. their architecture is primative, but they are capable of living among many dagerous creatures, including the mysterious bansee, a creture that is bigger then a dragon. they know nothing of the wars that have taken place on the planet's true surface, and so may be one of the few people who will not chastise cynder.