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The Temple to the moon, often called simply "The Temple", is a large complex of buildings built by the Precursor Civilization during their occupation of the Alpha Centari star system.

Function and layout[]

The function of the buildings are never fully explained within the novels themselves, or by any character through dialogue or other means. It housed an interplanetary portal to the Dragon Homeworld. The Main building of the Temple is a roughly X-shaped structure, with wings enminating from a tall central tower. Smaller buildings surround the Temple, though they are never expressly explored in any detail. The Sentinel Towers guard all approaches to the temple and power it's hard-light gates.

Novel context[]

During the events of the later half of the Dragon Civil War, Cynder, who had been exploring the relics on the Isle of Ruin, found herself trapped in a submerged complex of Precursor buildings. Though they were protected at large by a shield, one room was not protected, and Cynder believed that attempting to escape through the windows of that room would lead to the destruction of the entire site, so she searched until she found an Interplanetary portal, which she believed would link to a similar relic uncovered by the inhabitants of the City-State of Abah. After entering the portal, she found that it had sent her to the Planet of the Pre-Industrial Na'vi people. Meanwhile, Spiril, who had been alerted by Neyla that Cynder was lost during the confusion of the assault on the Dragon Temple, began his search for her. Using leads given to him by both Neyla and Neytiri, He was led to the Tan'hi'iheyuolo, who equated Cynder with their dominate predatory creatures. Their words led him to the Temple, where he discovered that Cynder had modified the portal to allow her to return home.