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The Plains of The Lost are the rolling hills, grasslands, and woodland forest of the Atlantean Confederation. the area is dotted with ruins from many different civilizations and eras, the oldest belonging extensively to the Precursor Civilization.

Wendir-Homlic, site of the oldest Proto-Atlantean settlement

Precursor sites[]

temple of life[]

the small Precursor structure appears to have been a medical research facility. the central structure is a spire 4 stories high, surrounded by landing pads for ships, as well and long defunct automated defense turrets.

Precursor road grid[]

a network of roads built by the precursors link some Atlantian cities; some even enter into the Nearby Dragon Confederation, linking small border towns together. They are built of metal, and bridges are built using hard light hologram technology.

Proto-Atlantean sites[]


the oldest non-Precursor site, Wendir-Homlic is a massive city built on an island in the middle of a massive inland lake. the cliffs of the island are linked to shore via a massive (now ruined) stone causeway. It is briefly visited by Cynder during her search for refugees after the Koozer-Ga Besiege New Atlantis.

Mysterious ruins[]

the ruins of a stone colonnade, part of a ocean side Atlantean palace.

The Mysterious ruins are part of a largely submerged palace complex.it's rooms, halls, and corridors are largely flooded by water, the largest structure of the complex is accidently destroyed by Cynder after she had hit an unstable pillar with her tail, causing total collapse in the building, from witch she barely escapes.

other sites[]

other Atlantean ruins survive, many lost to the sea or accessed via elevators. the sub region of the coast, known affectionately as "Coastal Remains", is littered with proto-atlantean ruins.

Atlowan ruins[]

there is only one site showing influence from the Maya-Like Atlowa. it is a huge, overgrown city, the main building left is a temple built to worship dragons. a Battle occurs between Cynder, her Honor Guard, and the Koozer-Ga.