The outer city is not really a city; it is truly a well-conected series of farming villages enclosed by the protective walls of the city proper, which extends from the more fortified Upper city. despite the appearence that only poor people live in the city, it is reguarded as the largest part, and as some of the richest parts of the city, despite their agricultural economies. each village is fortified to the same extent as warfang, and each is ruled by a member of the city's Parliment. each of the cities is sorrounded by cultivated land, with roads leading from one city to another and then to either warfang itself or the gates of the protective outer walls of the city. these walls, however, are weak in many places, and this part of the city is usally destroyed each time the the city is besieged, as the enemy forces usally consentrate on the more fortified Lower city, destroying some cities but ignoring others.

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