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The Obsidian Tower is a vast complex of buildings in the palace of Warfang. It was built by the Dragon Confederation High Council, and inhabited by Cynder until her death. Contained within the building complex was a series of galleries, offices, academies, and in the very center of the complex is a vast citadel rising above the Palace itself and overlooking the lower sections of the city.

The Tower[]

The tower is the central keep of a vast Citadel, which is designed to protect Cynder, should the various branches of the Dragon Confederation Honor Guard fail in this duty. The tower itself is linked to the palace by short suspension bridges, and sports the same hexagonal floor plan present in nearly all of Warfang's buildings. It is constructed of black-red Cydonian Marble, and is supported internally by six stone pillars running the height of the tower. It's dome is built in decorative masonry with black marble. all windows are made of multiple panes of stained glass. The main tower's upper levels are protected by Shadow Barriers, which are manifestations of Cynder's unique elemental attack contained within hard-light barriers. She can-and often does-phase through these barriers, though they prevent any other creature from following her. In The Legend of Cynder: The Precursor Legacy, she trapped Neyla in one of the tower's rooms using this method.

Palace Launch Facility[]

diagrams of the facility where Fleetrunner was kept.

The building immediately south of the tower housed a vast launch facility. During the war against the Koozer-Ga, and just before the second Battle for New Atlantis, the Precursor keyship Fleetrunner was kept here, surrounded by a specially-built cocoon structure. The Keyship itself is mounted on a large, blast-proof metal pedestal within the structure, which is able to be raised into a launch position and boarded from special platforms.

Honor Guard HQ and D.C.I.M.F landing pads[]

to the southeast of the Main Citadel of the Tower-residence lie a parade ground and the Headquarters of the Dragon Confederation Honor Guard. During the second phase of the Koozer-Ga War, Cynder assembled her army within this parade ground in preparation for a counterattack, not long after the Parasites had attacked the city. During the events of The Legend of Cynder: Rise of the Dragon Cult, Part of the buildings here collapse during Cynder III's coronation ceremony, alarming everyone to their instability after 800 years of neglect. Surrounding these buildings are landing pads for space ships, visible in the above diagram of the launch facility.