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Novo Terra prior colonialization

Novo Terra was the first world colonized by the Coalition of Civilized Governments. It was a lush jungle world with many many shallow bodies of water, as well as it's own fagile ecosystem.

Discovery and Colonialzation[]

Novo Terra was discovered, like many other planets, in the early years of the 21st century. in the year 2134, ships were sent and rapid colonization began. significant effort was made to form sizable populations of earth-based animal populations on the planet, most of which ended in failure.

Government and population centers[]

Novo Terra was semi-autonomous; but depended on Earth untill the colony was more developed. the largest city on the planet was Haven City; with many outlying settlements surrounding it and many smaller cities scattered about the planet.

the fall of Novo Terra[]

"...and their experiments resulted in the failure of the colony..."-Coalition scientist

in the 2725, Dicell, the most powerful corporation on the planet was developining secret biological weaponry. when their containment failed, a virus escaped into one of the outlying settlements close to Haven City. the military tried to defend the town, but failed, losing the town in less then a week. the virus turned all those infected into flesh-eating zombies. the virus eventally reached Haven City via it's sewer system. the military fought desperately to defend the colony's capital, but failed. after 70 years,the Coalition destroyed the planet by orbital bombardment.