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" the native inhabitents are called the Nidapiya - and they don't like outsiders" -Neyla, of New Atlantis

the Nidapiya are a primitive, tribal society living in wetlands they had artifically created. their villages, few in number are built on islands. they are renowned for both their architecture, and their hostility, only allowing outsiders to enter their lands six months out of a decade. They are largely ignorant of the outside world and it's wars, though are no stranger to warring within their clans for dominion over their territory. Their largest villages are linked by bridges and the long-maintained paved roads between the largest Proto-Atlantean buildings. They have co-opted most of these buildings as palaces and temples, many of the largest Nidapiya villages are built around these ancient structures. Crocodiles inhabit the swamps surrounding their villages, occasionally attacking and killing native tribesmen and unwary adventurers alike.


The Nidapiya people are thought to have either been survivors of the Precursor Civilization's war against the Koozer-Ga, or refuges from the long-collapsed Proto-Atlantean civilization. Each of the dominating political entities have differing theories as to what their origins are, as well as their purpose. Most largely agree that the Nidapiya are the native inhabitants of their particular area, and should be left to their own means. As of now, the Coastal Swamps are considered independent of the Atlantean Confederation though a mutual non-aggression pact.

Appearance and Culture[]

The Nidapiya maintain a largely agricultural society based on rice, corn, peppers, and beans. In addition, they also maintain a small fleet for fishing their wetland home. The Nidapiya are a largely peaceful society, choosing to commune with their natural environment and worship natural spirits. Their physical appearance is short with a stocky build, negroid features, and red eyes. Though largely peaceful, the Nidapiya are known as fierce warriors, ferocious in defense of home and family, capable, if needed, of fielding an army of many thousands.

The Koozer-Ga war and it's Aftermath[]

As Cynder continued her studies of the Precursor relics she had found within her own country, she enlisted Neyla's aid in finding man-power to help in excavating the relics she had uncovered. Instead, She discovered The Relic, an entry pylon into the Precursor Shield-World. after the Koozer-Ga are accidentally unleashed by guards under orders from Neyla to explore the area, They were attacked en-mass by the Koozer-Ga, and their tribal chief, Tol'ta mortally wounded after a Koozer-Ga parasite form attacked him. He died soon after the final battle of the war, to be succeeded by alien tribal princess Neytiri of the Pandoran Na'vi clans. she led her tribe to merge with the Nidapiya, superseding their original tribal traditions with her own.