Neytiri is a princess of the Na'vi omaticaya clan. she is a young warrior who is skilled with archery. when her village is destroyed, she acomponies Cynder, who uses Atlantian technology to defend the Tree of Souls, their most sacred site, from attacks by a greedy general who seeks their destruction. after the battle, she subsequently accomponies Cynder and Sita as they explore the world Cynder calls home. this eventally leads to their involvement in the Siege of Warclaw, a newly built city for Cheetahs. she subsequently accomponies her to Cynthia, but not to warfang. when she does reach the city, she and sita are sent to New Atlantis as Cynder attempts to combat the effects of the Incomplete great reformation-and fails, despite help from the Atlantians, led by Neyla.

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