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The New Haven Research Center, near the Coalition city of New Alaxandrea

The New Haven Research Center is a facility located on the island of Red Dragon Hollow. It is owned and operated by the Coalition Of Civilized Governments.

Current Research[]

The New Haven Research Center is charged primarily with finding a cure to the virus that wiped out Novo Terra, experimenting with Aheri, a zombiefied lioness. many of the scientist who work at the research facility are survivors from the colony. As well as weapons research, the facility also experiments with Abyssinia, a Man-eating lioness from Esterary, another colony world. the aim of said experiments are to turn off genes that are responsible for the Lioness wanting to eat people. Periodically, condemed criminals are fed to both of them, with grusome results.

The Legend of Cynder: The Precursor Legacy[]

the research center is introduced by dialouge between three of it's scientists, who wish to study dragons. they begin this reseach by kidnapping Cynder as she is asleep in one of her castles, bypassing her security and Honor Guards. The scene and circumstances are previously unknown by Cynder, are are revealed by Abyssinia, before she is knocked out, taken to a lab, and inseminated. When returned, Abyssinia attempts to eat one of the scientists, but is restrained untill she relents. After Cynder escapes via her elemental magic, she makes her way through the reseach center, killing and/or eating anyone in her path. She is intersepted and an experimental vocal translator put around her neck. When confronted by Cynder, he lies, saying he was exeperimenting with Aheri. When it is revealed that he had supervised her insemination, Cynder become furious, feeding him to a carniverous horse.