New Atlantis 1

an interior shot of the city

New Atlantis  is the largest city and capital of the Atlantean Confederation. It is a large city built on several artificially reinforced islands in Dragonfly falls, the main delta of the Avon river. It is the headquarters of the Atlantian Grand Council, who govern the country from this city. Neyla serves as the chairman of the council, and has power similar to a president. The city is roughly 450 miles accross at it's widest point, and houses a population of 8.5 billion inhabitants. The city is featured prominantly as a secondary setting in The Legend of Cynder: the Precursor Legacy. It has mostly tall buildings in it's interior, and low rise buildings near the coast.During the Koozer-Ga War, the city was attacked on three seperate occations and nearly destroyed. Neyla would spend the rest of her life rebuilding the city after the final assualt on the city by the enemy.
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