The Nanatalean Empire is a faction introduced in The Legend of Cynder: Rise of the Dragon Cult. It is a Monarchy controlled by Xinxala, a humanoid panther-woman who rules the state as empress from the city on Nanatala, which is located in the jungle mountains of the third continent. It is introduced as being at war with the nearby kingdom/city-state of Lioness City, which-unknown to them, is allied to the Dragon Confederation. When an army sent to claim the city-state for the Empire is all but destroyed by the Destroyer-classed ''Ascendant Zealot''-a part of the D.C.I.M.F, Xinxala orders a delegation sent to the leader of Dragon Confederation, which, unknown to her, is ruled by Cynder III and her elderly parents. the architecture is a combination of Japanese and Khmer, while their culture is similar to the High Roman Imperium, and their religion is a combination of early Hindu and an indepedently-developed sect of The Creator cult.


Nanatalean culture is based on that of 16th-century feudal Japan; buildings are built in a matter similar to that of the Japanese, Nanataleans wear Japanese Kimonos, and are governed by laws based on those of the Meiji era of Japan.

Military and WarEdit

The Nanatalean Military is based on that of 18th-century England. They use primarily melee weaponry: staff weapons; spears, and swords. They are in possession of rudimentary flintlock firearms, cannons, and crossbows. The Nanataleans possess a large, sea-going naval force composed of Chinese Junks-ships with that have square sails.

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