General Information
Government and Leadership Imperial Marnarchy under Xinxala
Population 1.5 million
Afiliation Capital of the Nanatalean Empire
Spoken Language Japanese

Nanatala is a semi Pre-industrial city located within the Cydonian mountain range of the third continent, built near a lake and accessible only via a narrow, heavily fortified mountain pass. It's people speak Japanese, and are classified under "Homo Felis" an umbrella term delineating all the sentient feline species, including the Cheetah Tribe, as well as the population of Lioness City and the sentient tigers of the Atlantean Confederation; including Neyla and Amelia, though the latter is not affiliated with New Atlantis. The Nanataleans are humanoid panthers, who wear Japanese robes, and share similar customs to pre-industrial Japan. Their large city is built along the contours of the terrain, surrounded by a thick stone wall, with four large towers. The city is built largely of stone, clay, and wood. following the Battle for Cynthia and the destruction of that city, Nanatala is evacuated as the Koozer-Ga spreads to the continent.

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