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the darkmaster in all his glory. he draws his powers from destruction and seeks to destroy the world

Malefor is a purple dragon similar to malfor, in the since that they both want to distroy their world and kill off silver, Cynder, and the High Council.


Intially, little is revealed of Malefor's origins; It is only said that he is Malfor's brother and had come to replace him, the former having been killed in battle and then eaten by Cynder. His true origins are quoted by the Chonicler in The Legend of Cynder: The Precursor Legacy, who cites an unending lust for power that led to his exile from the Dragon Temple by the Ancestors. He is said to have been the first purple dragon born on the Dragon's homeworld; He is responsible for the creation of the Well of Souls, located at the peak of a mountain he choose to build his fortress on, a mountain subsequently known as the 'Mountain of Malefor'.


Malefor initially made his appearence in the novel 2155, besieging Warfang, before being attacked by Spiril and Cynder. He is encountered at the earth city of Teleac, to which he has laid siege. When his army is completely destroyed by the kryll, he retreats and is defeated by the two dragons, being inprisoned by the Atlantians.

The Legend of Cynder: Atlantian Rising[]

A cult of apes releases Malefor from this inprisionment, while both Spiril and Cynder, as weel as Cynder's mother, are busy trying to contain the illuminati. When Cynder loses her elements, Malefor cleverly helps her regain them.

The Legend of Cynder: Dragon War Trilogy[]

Malefor besiege the Cheetah Tribe's newly-built town, and then the city of Warfang, but is again defeated, but only re-emerges while the young dragons are assisting Sita. during the next battle, he attempts to kill Cynder, but instead ends up killing himself.

The legend of Cynder: The Precursor Legacy[]

After the Incomplete Great Reformation, Malefor uses his ape army to corrupt Cynder, anf forces the purple dragon, Spiril, to fight her. He then orcastrates his escape from the Realm of Convexity by using Spiril to kill the leader of the ape cult, freeing him from his inprisonment in Convexity, while causing the Mountain palace to collapse on the young dragons. When they are rescued, Malefor attempts to besiege Warfang, but when this is stopped by Neyla, he is again killed, and this time eaten by Cynder after failing to take control of her. Later, he does besiege Warfang, and is defeated after a prolonged war that destroys the remnents of the Dragon Temple.