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The Lost City Series are a series of 4 books, primarily set on Earth, mainly in or around ancient and ruined cities. They tell the origin of the human Coalition of Civilized Goverments.

  • The lost city of Teno Tena recounts an expedition made into a pseudo African/Mayan city in Mexico. the original manuscript for this book has been destroyed.
  • The Lost city of Teleac recounts the history of a large city that is made up of several classical civilizations, including Medieval Japan, ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome, and a few others. After an expedition is sent to this city, it is forced to join the Global economy
  • The Road to Eldorado Takes place primarily inside a series of partially flooded Proto-Atlantean buildings.
  • Origin of the Rain of Fire documents the initial formation of the Coalition in response to the Kryll, who were biological experiments created by the Proto-Atlantean Civilization and contained within the ruins of their cities, and released during the events of the previous novel. during the events of the book, Cinder reveals her secret colony and helps the Coalition.