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the 'Forgotten Realm', the ruined city and main temple.

the Lantean city of the Ancesters, commonly refered to simply as Atlantis, is the former capital of the Atlantian Confederation. it is a vast complex of many different buildings built of stone that has been preservered by the marshy air of the Coastal Swamps, in which it is located. The main buildings on the site are centered on

a mysterious devise called The Relic.


Precursor Occupation[]

100,000 years ago, the Precusors used the city as a staging ground. the ancient Grand Council took advanage of Precursor technology, and survived the activation of The Rings, an event known as the 'Great Vanishing'.


after the Kryll Wars, the city was abandoned to the marshes, and a replacement capital, New Atlantis, built near the coast. Over the years, the marshlands began to slowly reclaim the complex. It was subsequently taken over by the Nidapiya Tribe.


the outer ruins had been known to the Nidapiya for some time; the more substantial inner temple was discovered by Neyla.