silver and cynder hve been sent to assassinate the leaders of malefor's army, who are preparing to besiege warfang. en route to do this however, their fleet is attacked by gaal, one of malefor's generals. silver and cynder fight, but they eventully capture them both. they take them to an arena and fight one of their armies, which is massacared by them. they reclaim their armour while the enemy flee to an ancient underground temple. they then find themselves in an alien city, which they then run through to reach the main continent. they find that the nursery temple monastary has been taken by enemy forces. they recapture the temple, as the enemy neglected the temple's fortafacations. they then attack gaal, who is killed by his own men. the temple then begins to collapse, forcing silver to inprison himself and cynder in a yellow crystal to avoid being killed. this links it to chapter 1-escape from inprisonment.

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