Lthe interplanetary kryll wars happens soon after the second great reformation. with Malefor inprisoned, the high council uses the atlantian city-platform to reach earth. they find that the long ruined atlantian undersea complex has been repaired, but using an architectual style alien to that of the atlantians who built it.cinder explains that "the atlantian kryll have reached the surface, amd we must warn Empyra city" so she warns the cocg about the hapenings in and around the complex, and cocg soilders decend upon the ancient complex. at first, they encounter little resistance, and then they go deeper and encounter agents of the illuminati who are attempting to take over the world using the vicious kryll as a front to help further their demonic aims. little do they know, the atlantian kryll seek to destroy civilization, and the only thing that can stop them lies east in the catacombs of an aztec city noone knows exists.

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