The interior world lies beyond the core of the dragon homeworld and is a mysterious place. the world itself is protected from the heat and pressure of the dragon homeworld's core by a amithyst shell that is virtully indestructable. only one civilization, that of the bipedal tigers, has the technology to bore through this nearly inpenatable shell to reach the world beyond. the plant is covered in tropical jungle and large rock-arch structures. the natives are blue, bipedal panthers similar to the [1] from avatar. they wield technology more advanced then the atlantians, but their architecture is primative. the world is home to other creatures, including one known as a banshee, the only flying creature bigger then a dragon. the natives call themselves nav'i and they are essentally hybrids between panthers and humans. they have no knowledge of the surface world or it's wars, and so may be the only natives outside the atlantian city-states that would not critasize cynder for her role in the dragon civil war.

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