Hunter is a bi-pedal cheetah skilled in archery and malee combat. he lives in a heavily palisaded village in a section of the lower valley known as the valley of Avalar. following several attacks on the village by Grublins, the upper part of the village is fortified with ramparts,using warfang's fortifacations as a model for it's own. he trusts Cynder and Spiril, though their ruler, cheif prawess, denounces her due to her corruption by malefor during the dragon civil war. he does, however, approve of the high council's induced corruption, due to the fact that they can effectively control her. following the Siege of the great dragon temple by the illuminati, they also approve of cynder's consitutional monarchy, citing that monarchies are harder to collapse then the council-based government they have maintained since warfang was built thousands of years ago.

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